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Importing goods can be a great source of revenue for a business and jewellery is always a hot item. However, there are numerous rules and regulations that need to be followed. Making mistakes on paperwork, misunderstanding procedures and scheduling problems all cost the imported time and money. This is where hiring professionals can really help to smooth out the process and keep delays to a minimum.

Here are three simple jewellery importation tips that will speed up the process and help with customs clearance.

1. Understand the Customs Rules:

Many people, don’t pay enough attention to how the customs rules work and end up regretting it. Remember that customs clearance always occurs at the first Australian port that is entered. Keep all relevant paperwork as customs can review your papers for up to five years and there are penalties for any errors. It would be prudent to have an accurate filing system to store all your paperwork and ensure that it is easy to locate if required. A customs clearance agent can assess your level of compliance, taxes that need to be paid, additional costs and guarantee that there will be no penalties on shipments for their clients.

2. Know Your Costs:

Always remember, there is no duty free allowance for any business goods or samples that are brought into the country. You must factor in costs, such as transportation from the point of entry to the customs offices, any fees for flight changes incurred after a customs delay, accommodation prices, how much your time is worth, the freight and logistics after clearance and any customs holding fees that could cause delays. Finally, consider using a broker as they can assess all of these fees, taxes and trade agreements and arrange a schedule that can save their client time and money.

3. Always Plan Ahead:

By arranging pre-clearance prior to the goods departing you could ensure that your goods have an easier arrival with shorter delays. If you can use pre-planning on your logistics, it is possible to reduce the chances of incurring holding fees at customs. This can take a lot of planning to get right, but it can be well worth the extra effort, and you can clear customs with the minimum of delays.

If you’re an importer that is in need of post customs clearance specialists that understands the system inside and out, contact us. Here at Australian Post Brokers, we have a wealth of experience that we can use to help our clients clear their cargo with a minimum of delay. If you would like to know more about how we can help you get in touch with us and we would be happy to answer your questions.