Whether it’s a single parcel or a number of shipments for your business, it’s incredibly frustrating to discover that your import has been held up in customs. So why do some shipments get held up while other go straight through? When it comes to being held up with customs clearance Melbourne, or anywhere else in Australia, let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons why your shipment is stuck.

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Incorrect documentation

It’s all about documentation when it comes to importing items from overseas and something as simple as ticking the wrong box or forgetting a document can mean lengthy delays when your items arrive. Before you import your goods, make sure you know exactly what import permits, quarantine permits, and treatments need to be completed to allow for your goods to move through customs as quickly as possible.

Tariffs need to be paid

If the goods you’re importing are worth less than $1,000 AUD, you generally won’t need to pay any tariffs. The exception is for alcohol and tobacco where charges will generally apply. If you declare that the goods are worth less than $1,000 AUD but customs don’t agree, this could cause a delay. In this case, you’ll need to provide evidence to verify your valuation. If your shipment is worth over $1,000 AUD, you’ll be assessed for duty, taxes and other charges which you’ll need to pay before your goods can be delivered.

Incomplete labelling

A common reason for imports being held up are incorrect or incomplete labelling. While not all goods require extensive labelling, in many instances a trade description is needed which outlines information about how the items were made, produced, selected, packed or otherwise prepared. If the goods are not labelled correctly, they can be seized by customs. If your actions are not deemed to be intentional or reckless, relabelling may be allowed but it’s best to avoid this by ensuring items are labelled correctly in the first place.

Prohibited items

Just because items can be shipped to Australia from overseas doesn’t necessary mean they’ll be accepted into the country. There are certain items which are prohibited or restricted from entering Australia and these items can be seized by customs. While some items are completely prohibited and cannot enter the country at all, there are some restricted items that can be allowed provided you’ve received written permission. For this reason, make sure you’re familiar with restricted items and apply for a permit if necessary.

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