When you’re importing goods into Australia, you have so much to think about with figuring out forms and taxes so it’s understandable that the labelling on your goods might be at the bottom of your priority list. However, labelling is a big deal from a customs perspective and if you don’t do it right, your goods may not make it into the country. Whether you want to tackle customs yourself or use a customs broker, Adelaide residents who are looking to import goods into Australia need to be aware of the importance of proper labelling to avoid unnecessary issues.

Don’t risk being denied entry:

You may be surprised to learn that the vast majority of goods which are denied entry into the country are rejected on the basis incorrect labelling. If you think close enough is good enough when it comes to the labelling, think again – you don’t want your import to be rejected over something as simple as not complying with labelling requirements. Not everything needs to be strictly labelled so you need to check the requirements for your particular items. If your import does require labelling, customs will be looking for a trade description which will contain all the relevant information.

Information on your label:

If your items require a trade description, it must be in English and be clearly legible. Ensure that the name of the country where the items were produced is included and, where indicated, include a true description. The description itself needs to be attached securely to the package. Just some of the goods which will be prohibited from entering the country without labelling include certain foods, kitchenware or kitchen utensils, toys, electronics, cigars or cigarettes, tiles, and textiles.

When it comes to the description of the goods, it can’t be misleading in any way or include omissions. Always ensure that details such as the origin, quantity, weight and ingredients of the goods you’re importing are accurate to avoid issues when they arrive in the country. If you don’t comply with labelling requirements, your goods can be seized.

Go through a customs broker:

To save you the headache of having to deal with customs yourself, a customs clearance agent can act on your behalf to have your goods released for delivery to your address. Your broker understands the complexity of the system and can help you avoid hefty penalties if you’ve made mistakes with clearance procedures. They can also give you advice as to the labelling requirements of your particular items.

Australian Postal Brokers are customs agents providing professional services in Adelaide and across Australia. We offer a range of services including providing you with the right information in the lead up to importing or exporting goods, helping complete paperwork, and acting on your behalf to move your items through customs as quickly as possible. You can rely on us to make the process as quick and hassle free as possible.

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