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If they are considering whether they need to hire a customs broker, Brisbane residents and business managers need accurate information. It isn’t enough to understand your market and be accurate in calculating your costs to make a profit. One key area that is neglected is the benefit to cost ratio enjoyed by importers that choose to use a customs broker. Here are some key areas where importers can make mistakes that can prove to be costly.

Clearance Costs:

All the goods that are imported into Australia are known as unaccompanied effects, and they must be cleared by Customs. Currently, a formal Customs clearance is required for goods over the value of $250 for sea and air freight and $1,000 for goods imported using the postal system. There is a fee payable for processing these entries along with any Customs duty, GST, taxes and other charges that may be applicable. The Customs duty rates vary depending upon factors, such as the country of origin and the type of goods. Australian Customs may inspect the consignment even if the importer has declared that the goods are less than 12 months old.

Quarantine Issues:

Every consignment subject to quarantine will be inspected by an officer of the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS). The fee for a quarantine inspections is $150 plus GST for every half hour, and this is billed to the importer/owner. There is no control over the total time needed for this inspection as it is a governmental requirement. If any items are found to contain signs of insect infestation or active woodworm, fumigation will be required. If fumigation has already been carried out at the point of origin you should have a Fumigation Certificate, however, your certificate may not be recognised by the AQIS. The fumigation requirements for Australia are CH3Br 48gM3 24hr 21c or above.

Importing Vehicles:

All imported motor vehicles are subject to sales tax, duty and permission must be received before the vehicle is shipped from its port of origin. There is a Vehicle Import Approval form that can be sourced from the Department of Transportation and Regional Services. Another requirement is that all imported vehicles must be steam cleaned and have their interior vacuumed before they are shipped. If the vehicle is not spotless when inspected AQIS will order that it is steam cleaned and vacuumed at the cost of the importer/owner. All the relevant documentation must be present before the motor vehicle can clear customs.

If they need the services of a reliable local licensed customs broker, Brisbane residents and business managers should contact us. At Australian Postal Brokers, we have extensive experience in dealing with all kinds of importation procedures. Get in touch with us today, and we will be happy to discuss how we can make your importation efforts simpler and more efficient.