Whether it’s a one time shipment or you’re a frequent importer, there’s nothing more frustrating for Brisbane businesses than discovering that the goods you’re importing have been held up in customs. To make life easier, consider using a customs broker to take care of the often complex world of customs issues. Today, let’s take a look at ways how Brisbane customs brokers can help.


If you’re relying on a shipment to arrive for your Brisbane business, the last thing you need are the lengthy delays that can occur when customs hold onto your items. It’s not only the delays themselves which are time consuming – you also need to spend time dealing with customs and completing the required paperwork which can be tedious. Customs brokers save you time by using their professional knowledge to deal with customs directly and get your shipment through sooner.


Navigating customs can be a complicated and you need to ensure that the correct paperwork is completed in the first instance to avoid delays. A broker can submit the paperwork on your behalf to get the necessary customs clearance and will take make sure the documentation is completed correctly and the right permits have been obtained. Having your paperwork taken care of by a broker means you can be confident that the import and export process will run smoothly.  If your shipment is held up, all you need to do is forward your broker the relevant information and they can complete any required paperwork on your behalf.


The longer your goods languish in customs, the more money it can cost your business as you’re unable to move your shipment to the next stage where the goods can be passed on to customers. For this reason, it makes financial sense to hire a customs broker to clear the customs hurdle. Your broker doesn’t just help get your items through customs more quickly – they also apply as many concessions as possible so you pay the least amount of fees which can lead to significant savings for your business.


If you don’t have knowledge of all the rules and regulations of customs, not only can this lead to delays but it can also result in your business being hit with costly penalties if you lodge incorrect or incomplete paperwork.  A customs broker will take care of your imports and complete the relevant paperwork on your behalf so you don’t need to pay unnecessary penalties. This helps the bottom line of your business and means you’re not paying the price for silly mistakes.

If you’re looking for a customs broker Brisbane, the experienced team at Australian Postal Brokers can help. We’re Australia’s largest and most trusted customs brokers and can help get your parcel through customs without the hassle. To avoid delays with your imports, speak to one of our licenced brokers today.

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