It’s always exciting when you have a parcel on the way and most of us wait expectantly for Australia Post to come up with the goods. However, there are times when there are frustrating delays with your parcel delivery which can make the wait seem like forever. So, what can you to avoid these delays? Whether you’re having issues with Australia Post customs clearance or never seem to be home when the postie arrives, today we’ll be looking at how you can get your Australia Post parcel delivered without the fuss.

parcel stuck in customs

Make your address accessible

One of the issues that gets in the way of successful delivery of your parcel is accessibility, To that end, if you’re expecting a parcel then make sure gates are left unlocked and security gates are open. If you have a dog, be sure to leave it around the back – even if it’s friendly, a lot of posties won’t risk entering the address if there’s a dog in the way.

Arrange for tracking

To make it easier to see where your delivery is at, try and arrange shipping options which include tracking through Australia Post. This also makes it much easier for Australia Post to follow up with any issues with your parcel delivery. Remember, if your parcel is lost or damaged then you may be eligible for compensation so follow up with a formal complaint to give Australia Post the chance to resolve the issue.

Delivery alternatives

If you find that you’re continually missing your deliveries and want a more convenient way to receive your parcels, Australia Post have some alternatives to home delivery which might appeal to you.

  • Parcel lockers – You can arrange for your parcels to be send to a parcel locker which are available in various locations where you can pick up your parcel 24/7 for up to 48 hours.
  • Parcel Collect – If home delivery isn’t viable, Parcel Collect allows you to direct your parcel to your nearest post office for collection.
  • Safe Drop – If you prefer the convenience of not having to sign for parcels, Safe Drop means that your parcels are left in a safe spot when you’re not home.

Enlist a broker for customs delays

There may be times when your Australia Post parcel is held up in customs and this can mean significant delays. These hold ups in customs are generally because you need to provide an import declaration and pay the relevant tax or duties. To expedite the process of getting your parcel out of customs and on its way to you, speak with a customs broker. They’ll liaise directly with customs and complete the appropriate paperwork so your parcel is cleared quickly and without a fuss.

If you need help with Australia Post customs clearance, Australian Postal Brokers can help. We are one of Australia’s largest and most trusted customs brokers and can help ensure that you avoid delays and fees when your Australia Post parcel is held up. If your parcel is being held in customs, simply forward us the paperwork and we do the rest!

For help with parcel post customs clearance, speak with the team at Australian Postal Brokers today on 1300 096 268.