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Many people that are importing goods into Australia decide to deal with the customs procedure alone. This is a risky proposition as the regulations (like laws) are subject to change, and a single piece of incorrectly filed paperwork can lead to lengthy delays. This can add up to a considerable amount of lost revenue that may end up costing more than hiring a professional customs broker. A better route to take is to hire a customs broker and involve them as soon as possible to smoothly move the process along.

Avoiding Unnecessary Costs:

Typically, people import goods for two reasons; either to save money on an item they want to buy or to sell the item to make a profit. Both of these reasons could benefit from using a licensed customs broker, Perth residents need to avoid delays. This is because Australian customs will charge you for goods that cannot clear customs due to mistakes. In the case of air freight, there could be terminal fees, and sea freight shipments may have port charges. These costs can really rack up over time and the goods you’ve purchased could ending up costing considerably more than expected. Every additional day, these charges increase until the shipment successfully clears customs.

Don’t Leave Things Too Late:

Many customs brokers brace themselves for Friday mornings when panicking importers with goods trapped in customs are desperate to get their shipments released before the weekend. Using a customs agent at this late stage is not the best approach, and they may not be able to offer help in time. Involving a local licensed customs broker earlier will significantly reduce the chances of your shipment being delayed. If there are any problems, your customs agent will have all the relevant information to quickly resolve any issues that arise.

Be Proactive:

Many new importers can be naive and believe that their shipment will arrive; they will get a call to collect it, and everything will be easy. In reality, many will hear the words “you’re going to need a customs broker, ” and that is when the customs agent is contacted. The situation can usually be resolved, but this is not a professional way to import your goods. A licensed customs agent will prepare all the paperwork in advance before the shipment even arrives in Australia. They have links to Australian Customs, and they can electronically process your shipment in less than 24 hours.

If they would like to know more about hiring a customs clearance agent,  Perth residents and business managers should contact us. At Australian Postal Brokers, we can offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with Australian customs issues.