Whether you’re immigrating to Australia or returning to the country after living overseas, we can’t blame you for choosing Sydney as your destination! However, before you can settle in and enjoy your new lifestyle, there’s the issue of getting all of your personal effects into the country. As custom brokers Sydney, we’re here to share what you need to know about importing your personal goods into Sydney to make this process as easy as possible.

Ensure proper preparation

Although you may be eager to get your personal effects into Sydney as quickly as possible, you need to make sure you take the time to prepare everything properly. Given the strict biosecurity measures that Australian customs have in place, take the time to thoroughly clean and dry any items which have had contact with organic material. This commonly includes items such as outdoor furniture, cleaning equipment, plant pots and sporting equipment.

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Consider plant and animal related products

Sydney and Melbourne customs will pay particular attention to any items which originated from a plant or animal, have had contact with a plant or animal or contain part of a plant or animal so check any items which fall into these categories closely. Remember that this can include items such as furniture, jewellery and timber items. If you have natural products amongst your personal possessions, such as untreated wooden items, consider leaving them behind to avoid expensive decontamination procedures.

Prohibited items

It’s best to know as early as possible which items you shouldn’t include in your personal effects shipment to Australia. After all, the more restricted items you have then the more hold ups you can expect! Just some of the main restricted items which you should leave out of your personal effects include:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetable
  • Live animals
  • Prohibited, restricted or unidentifiable seeds
  • Items containing organic residue
  • Live plants and other biological products

For more information about items you can and can’t bring into Australia, take a look at the Biosecurity Import Conditions System (BICON) online.

Liaise with a customs brokers

To avoid that hassle of having to navigate the complicated world of customs on your own, you can turn to customs brokers Sydney for support. While customs might seem complicated to you, your customs broker has an in depth understanding of the policies and procedures which guide customs and they can help ensure that the process of importing your personal effects into Sydney is as hassle free as possible. If you’re immigrating to Sydney, contact a customs broker as early on as possible for ongoing support.

If you need a customs broker in Sydney, Australian Postal Brokers can help. We’re Australia’s largest and most trusted customs brokers and we’ll deal directly with customs on your behalf to get your items through as quickly as possible. We also ensure that as many concessions as possible are applied to ensure you pay the least amount of duty.

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