Importing vehicles into Australia is generally left to large manufacturers and for very good reason – vehicle imports are restricted so the process is expensive and time consuming. However, there may be circumstances where an individual wants to import a vehicle into the country, such as instances where you have your eye on a rare or classic vehicle.

As licensed customs broker Sydney, importing and exporting is what we know best so we’re here to give an overview of the process of importing a vehicle into Australia.


The process of importing a vehicle

  • Do some research – The first step is confirming that it’s viable to import a vehicle in the first place. Look into the costs involved, whether your vehicle is allowed, whether your reason for importing is considered valid and what documents you need.
  • Apply for approval – If you want to proceed after doing your research, you’ll need to register with the Department Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities and complete an online form. You’ll receive an email from the Department with the approval attached if you’re successful in your application. Don’t attempt to import a vehicle without formal approval.
  • Organise shipping – Now that you have approval, you can arrange for the vehicle to be shipped to Australia. To ensure less hold ups at customs, have the vehicle properly steam cleaned and ensure that air conditioning gas had been removed.
  • Arrange for customs clearance – To ensure quick clearance of your import through customs, you need to submit the correct paperwork. Lodge your import declaration as soon as possible and you’ll also have to pay taxes and charges in the form of customs duty, GST and luxury car tax (if applicable).
  • Get quarantine clearance – Before your vehicle can be allowed into the country, you’ll need to get it cleared by quarantine. Complete a quarantine entry form with the Department of Agriculture and arrange for your inspection.
  • Import conditions approval – Once through quarantine, you’ll need to make any modifications required to meet the conditions of importing your vehicle and provide evidence of compliance. You also need to apply for identification plate and/or supply to the market approvals if required.
  • Register your vehicle – Finally, all you need to do is formally register your vehicle!

Speak with your customs broker

As you can see the process of importing a vehicle into the country is complicated and it’s highly recommended that you seek that assistance from a customs broker to navigate this process.

If you need to speak from customs agents Sydney or anywhere else in Australia, Australian Postal Brokers can help. We make the process of getting your imports through customs fast and easy thanks to our professional knowledge and experience. If you have complex customs issues you wish to discuss, such as importing a vehicle, speak to us today.

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