If that online order seems to be taking a long time for Australia Post to deliver, you might find that instead of your delivery you receive notification that your parcel has been delayed in Brisbane customs. So, what are you meant to do now? As licensed custom brokers Brisbane, we know how frustrating it can be for our customers when your Australia Post parcel gets stuck so are here to share our tips on the next steps you should take.

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Contact customs straight away

When you receive notification that your Australian Post parcel is delayed in Brisbane customs, give the customs agency a call to find out what the issue is. Remember that although Australia Post is in charge of getting your parcel where it needs to go, they have no control over what customs do and can’t speed up the process – your best bet is to keep in contact with customs.

Two of the most common reasons that your parcel has been held up are:

  • You need to pay tax or duties – Depending on what the item is and what total value is, you may need to pay additional duties before customs will send it on its way. This is generally because the parcel has been declared or assessed as being worth over 1,000 AUD. If the goods are worth more than 1,000 AUD, you’ll also need to complete an Import Declaration.
  • Your parcel needs closer inspection – In some cases, customs may want to take a closer look at the contents of your delivery because they need to ensure that the items aren’t restricted and don’t pose a risk.

Unfortunately, if your parcel is delayed in customs then it can be a time consuming process before it’s released which is why you may want to call on the services of a customs broker.

Speak to the experts

If you have a parcel stuck in customs and are a little confused by the whole thing, we don’t blame you! You can make life a whole lot easier for yourself by enlisting the services of a licensed customs broker Brisbane. All you need to do is forward your broker the paperwork you received advising that there has been a hold up and they’ll do the rest. Your broker will liaise directly with customs on your behalf to ensure that your parcel is back on its way back to you as soon as possible.

Australian Postal Brokers have experienced Brisbane customs brokers who can help you when you run into customs roadblocks. Rather than letting your items languish in customs, we take care of it for you and fill in any necessary paperwork on your behalf to get things moving. We also offer assistance if you’re in the business of importing  goods into the country.

For experienced customs brokers Brisbane, contact Australian Postal Brokers today on 1300 096 268.