In an ideal world, your imports would arrive in Australia and pass through customs without incident. However, unfortunately there are times when issues occur and you can find yourself in a situation where your shipment is delayed for a significant amount of time. As experienced Australian brokers, we’re sharing our tips for preventing your import from getting held up in customs.

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1. Check if your items are restricted

Just because you can arrange for an item to be shipped into the country doesn’t mean it’ll be cleared through customs. Check that your shipment doesn’t contain items which are restricted and if it does, go about the customs clearance process of getting the correct permit to allow for you to import. Remember to always double check if you need a permit even if you’re confident that your goods aren’t restricted – you’d be surprised at what makes the list!

2. Fill out your paperwork

Rather than waiting until your items are stuck in customs before filing out the correct forms, get prepared ahead of time and have everything in order. For a shipment with a value below 1,000 AUD, all you’ll need is generally a Self Assessed Clearance (SAC) Declaration. However, for goods over 1,000 AUD, you’ll also need documents such as  bill of lading, commercial invoice, permits or approvals, or any other appropriate documentation. Take care to fill out your paperwork correctly or you could incur penalties.

3. Get the labelling right

Something as simple as the labelling on your shipment can make a big difference in terms of delays. While some items don’t need extensive labelling, some items require a trade description which outlines information such country of origin of the goods and how they were produced, prepared and packed. All of the writing on your label needs to be in legible English and should be attached in a prominent position.

4. Speak with a customs broker

One of the easiest ways to prevent your import from getting delayed is to speak to a customs broker. They’ll be able to assist in the early stages by lodging all of the correct paperwork on your behalf to ensure a smooth process once your shipment arrives. If your import does end up being delayed, your customs broker can act on your behalf to have it cleared.

Whether you’re expecting a one off shipment or import regularly as part of your business, you can rely on the network of customs brokers at Australian Postal Brokers to act on your behalf to get your import cleared through customs as quickly as possible. We are Australia’s largest and most trusted customs broker and have brokers conveniently located across the country.

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