Let’s be honest – it’s frustrating when you learn that a shipment you’re expecting has been delayed in Adelaide customs. Not only can it mean that your goods languish with customs for an extended period of time, it may also be costly if you’re required to pay additional duty or taxes. However, there are some simple things you can put in place to avoid these delays.

Check your documentation

If you’re importing goods into Australia, you need to look into what documentation is required and lodge this ahead of time. If you just hope for the best without paying much attention to paperwork, you could face delays as well as potential penalties. Aim to have your documentation submitted at least five days before the arrival of your shipment so you’re not cutting it too fine. The main documentation you’ll need to lodge is the Bill of Lading, commercial invoice or packing list, and packing declaration.

Consider the time of year

Have a think about the time of year you expect your deliveries to arrive and remember that there could be delays based on seasonal peaks. Holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Chinese New Year can all mean delays as they are very busy periods. If logically feasible, you can avoid these peaks by organising your shipment to arrive before or after for quicker clearance.  Alternatively, speak to a customs broker to see what they can do about getting your goods cleared during peak times.

Get your labelling right

It might seem like a minor detail but labelling can make a big difference when your shipment arrives through customs when it comes to potential delays. While not all goods require labelling, many items will require a trade description which needs to outline details of the shipment. The trade description needs to be in English, include details of the country of origin, provide a true description and be attached in a prominent position.

Use a licensed customs broker

One of the easiest ways to avoid customs delays is to employ the services of a licensed custom broker. They’ll lodge the initial paperwork on your behalf to minimise the chances of delays and will monitor your shipment. If your shipment does happen to be held up, they’ll liaise directly with customs on your behalf to get your goods cleared quickly and efficiently with minimal cost to you.

If you need a customs broker Adelaide, speak to the team at Australian Postal Brokers. Our team of dedicated licenced brokers work hard to resolve any delays with customs so your shipment can be on its way sooner. If you have a package stuck in customs or need assistance with imports and exports for your business, our experienced team can help.

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