Australia have strict rules and regulations when it comes imports. These rules are there for a reason but it can be frustrating when you’re importing items for your own personal use or for business purposes only to find out that your goods are languishing in customs.Today, we’ll be looking at some things you need to consider in the lead up to your goods arriving in customs.

1. Check that your items are allowed:

There are a number of goods which will generally be completely prohibited from entering Australia and just some of the items which are restricted include pharmaceuticals, narcotics, certain foods, weapons, tobacco, and some biological materials. Some items can be allowed into the country, but you’ll need a permit before this can happen. Before you go ahead and import your items, make sure they’re not restricted and organise your permits well ahead of time to prevent delays.

2. Look into the costs:

We don’t just mean to look into the initial costs of buying the items themselves. There can be a number of additional costs involved with customs clearance and it’s best to be prepared ahead of time so there are no surprises. You’ll generally be required to pay taxes and tariffs unless an exemption or concession applies and just some of the costs could include import entry costs and processing charges, goods and services tax, and excise duty. The specific costs will depend on what you’re importing.

3. Understand declarations:

You’ll need to complete a declaration before your import can be released from customs control. There are three different types of declarations and the one you need will depend on the value of your goods and whether they’ll be warehoused. When you lodge your declaration, you may be asked some additional questions so that customs are satisfied that there are no issues. Remember to keep all the paperwork relevant to your declaration for at least five years.

4. Use a customs clearance service:

A customs clearance agent can help you navigate the often confusing rules of imports and exports so your items can be cleared as quickly as possible and using a broker is a smart move if you want to get through customs quickly. A customs clearance service can also answer any questions you may have along the way about your import so you understand exactly what’s happening. A customs broker is a particularly good idea if you’re a first time or infrequent importer.

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