A customs broker is one of those professionals who you’ve probably never considered using until you actually need them! However, when unexpected customs clearance issues arise, they’re the best people to have on your side. Let’s take a look at situations where it’s smart to call on the services of a customs broker

Import customs clearance

Whether it’s a personal import or a shipment for your business, customs clearance issues can strike at any time and you may suddenly receive notification that your shipment has been held. Rather than letting your shipment languish in customs while you try to navigate the complexity of customs, contact a customs broker as soon as possible and they can act on your behalf to get your shipment through customs quickly and efficiently.

Assistance with paperwork

If you’re expecting a shipment or plan on arranging an import, you need to have the correct paperwork in order to avoid penalties and delays. However, between customs declarations, insurance, permits and approvals, and other relevant documents, it can sometimes feel like you’re drowning in paperwork. To make life easier, a customs broker can advise what paperwork you need and act on your behalf to have it submitted correctly.

Help with restricted imports

Although many businesses don’t think that they’ll ever have to worry about being caught up with restricted items, you’d be surprised how many items require written permissions before you bring them into the country. If you don’t have the correct permission, you can expect heavy penalties. Your insurance broker can offer guidance if you discover that your import is restricted and can ensure the correct processes are followed.

General customs related questions

Customs brokers are experts in their field when it comes to navigating imports and exports. If your business is expanding into more complex imports or you’re venturing into imports for the first time, a customs broker can provide valuable insight into the process involved and can offer professional advice on complex customs related queries.

Australia Post parcel delays

It’s not just imports that can get stuck in customs – there may be times when you receive notification that your Australia Post delivery is being held. In this situation, it’s best to contact a customs broker and forward them the appropriate documentation so they can take care of it. They’ll be able to complete the appropriate paperwork on your behalf and advise of any outstanding duty you may be required to pay.

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