If you’re returning home from a holiday or business trip overseas, you’re probably ready to get through customs as quickly as possible so it can come as a bit of shock when you discover that some of the items you’re travelling back with have been seized by customs!   In some cases, the item may be prohibited completely and in other cases you may need to pay duty and taxes. We’ll be looking today at what you need to consider to avoid Melbourne customs clearance issues.

Provide correct information

When you return to the country and fill out your incoming passenger card, read carefully through each question and answer truthfully. It should come as no surprise that many items are restricted from entering the country and you need to declare these on your form so customs can take a closer look. In some cases, the items may be seized due to them being prohibited. It’s a good idea to look into what items are prohibited so you can avoid buying them overseas in the first place. For example, untreated wood items often won’t be allowed in. In other cases, you may be required to pay duty if the items you’re bringing in exceed a certain amount. Of course, you need to answer truthfully – heavy penalties can apply if you purposefully provide incorrect information.

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Duty free concessions

Compared to importing good separately into the country, travelers returning to Australia can enjoy duty free concessions which generally means no additional costs. However, limits will apply and you’re allowed to bring 900 AUD of general items into the country without paying duty. Remember, you really want to avoid going over the duty free limits because then you’ll be required to pay duty on all of those items. For example, if you bring too much alcohol into the country and exceed the limit, you need to pay tax on the whole lot – not just the couple of bottles which pushed you over the limit.

Speak to your customs broker

There may be instances where items you have in your luggage when returning to the country are taken by customs and can’t be released until you’ve paid certain duties. Of course, if you feel comfortable you can pay right away. However, if you feel that the amount you’re being asked to pay is excessive or you want to clarify information, you can speak with a customs broker for some advice and they can let you know how best to proceed.

At Australian Customs Brokers, we understand how frustrating it can be when you discover that your parcel has been stuck in customs and work on your behalf to resolve the issue. We deal directly with customs to ensure that your parcel is released from customs quickly and without a fuss. Call us today!

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