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Importing into Australia can be a very difficult task for importers for a number of reasons. The customs procedures can be complex and hard to navigate for even experienced business owners. We also have here rigorous quarantine regulations that are designed to protect our unique flora and fauna. One excellent way to deal with these regulations is to hire a customs broker to ensure that any quarantine issues are dealt with efficiently.

The Scale of Quarantine Regulations in Australia:

Here in Australia, we have over 20,000 different types of human, plant, animal and mineral products that are subject to quarantine regulations. We have strict regulations to protect our unique biosphere and our agricultural base. Items that contain soil could even contain items that would not be allowed, such as soil, insects, and seeds that would have a detrimental effect on our ecosystem. Our quarantine systems are dedicated to ensuring that our any relevant items are checked and treated appropriately on arrival.

The Quarantine Procedure:

Any imported living or dead plant life is subject to inspection by a plant quarantine official. If an item is contaminated, it can either be treated, destroyed or shipped back out of the country. The importer of the goods will be responsible for all related costs that are incurred. There are certain kinds of plants that require special permission to import, such as fruits, seeds, and vegetables. An experienced ecustoms broker can help you to ensure foreign trade compliance. It is always a good idea to stay abreast of current importation procedures as periodically the regulations and procedures can change.

Some Goods that are Subject to Mandatory Treatments:

There are some goods that must be treated upon their arrival unless the importer can prove that they have been treated prior to being shipped. These include items, such as cane, bamboo, timber, wooden items and antique furniture from Southeast Asia. Timber, in particular, is only allowed into our country via ports that are specially equipped to carry out rigorous inspections. If certification can be provided that proves that fumigation has already been carried out, the inspection could be waived. The importation of freshly cut flowers is allowed, but it is prohibited entirely from certain regions, and they may need to be inspected for diseases and pests. Animal goods are also subject to strict regulation, and the rules can be complex regarding what is permitted and which procedures need to be followed.

If they are looking to hire a licensed customs broker, Australia based residents should speak to us. Here at Australia Post Brokers we offer a variety of services to assist you in your importing and exporting efforts. We have a vast amount of experience to offer, and we will be happy to discuss your needs in further detail.