Customs Broker Australia

Australia’s Most Trusted Customs Brokers

Australian Postal Brokers are one of Australia’s largest and most trusted customs brokers. We work hard to reduce the delays that can come with importing and exporting goods and offer professional assistance with all aspects of customs clearance. With multiple locations across Australia, we can ensure your goods are cleared through customs without the hassle.

Professional Customs Broker Sydney

Whether your business is based in Sydney or anywhere else across Australia, it’s frustrating to learn that your goods have been delayed in customs. We offer ultimate peace of mind by acting on your behalf to deal directly with customs for easy resolution of any issues. Whether it’s the case of a simple declaration or more complex issues, our team of expert brokers can handle it.

Licensed Customs Broker Melbourne for Quick Clearance

Not only will Australian Postal Brokers assist with the customs clearance process in Melbourne once a shipment has been held up, we can also offer guidance in the early stages of organising a shipment by ensuring that the correct declarations and documentation is complete and full compliant. With our help, your completed paperwork can mean less risk of delays in customs once your goods arrive. Incorrect paperwork can also result in penalties which is why it’s best to consult with the team at Australia Postal Brokers.

Expert Customs Broker in Perth

If you discover that a shipment has been held up in Perth customs, it’s not only frustrating but it can also be costly for your business. With our knowledge of customs rules and regulations, our licensed brokers in Perth will not only get your shipment out of customs quickly but we also ensure that you pay the least amount of duty by applying as many concessions as possible.

Licensed Customs Broker Brisbane For Shipments of All Sizes

Australian Postal Brokers offer expert assistance for shipments of all shapes and sizes in Brisbane. From a once-off shipment to multiple deliveries, we have the necessary knowledge to ensure that your shipments don’t languish in customs for any longer than they need to be. No matter the size of your shipment, we can help.

Reliable Customs Broker in Adelaide

If you get the notification that your shipment has been held up in Adelaide or anywhere else, don’t panic – just give us a call. We work hard to minimise the cost to your business and navigate the often complex world of customs rules. Australian Postal Brokers also use our professional knowledge to assist with parcel post clearance so your Australia Post deliveries can arrive at your door sooner.

Licensed Customs Broker in Hobart to Help Your Business Grow

Australian Postal Brokers support businesses across Australia thanks to our multiple convenient locations including Hobart. If you’re in the business of importing or exporting, we can help by assisting with all the necessary documentation and acting on your behalf with the customs clearance process. For any questions about customs and postal clearance services, our experienced brokers can help.

For quick, convenient customs clearance services across Australia, contact Australian Postal Brokers today.