Customs Clearance Agents

Whether you have a single parcel held in Customs or regular international shipments are an integral component of your business, you are likely to need customs clearance. While anyone is free to make declarations, pay customs duty and release their own parcel, the rules and regulations of import and export can be very complex and more than a little daunting. Fortunately, a professional custom clearance agent can help to make the process simpler and more straightforward.

Reliable Customs Clearance agents:

Regardless of whether you are waiting for foodstuffs, chemicals, clothing or motor vehicle components, having your consignment stuck in Customs can be a frustrating experience. When your shipment is needed for your business, it can also be a very costly expense, which compromises productivity and profits. However, with APB Customs clearance, you can have confidence in our reliable services. We offer Customs clearance services to expedite the process and help you to get your shipment as quickly as possible, while minimising the fees you pay. All you need to do is supply us with the relevant documentation, and we will file a declaration on your behalf to have your goods released for delivery to your designated address.

Custom Clearance Agent Expertise:

The APB Custom clearance agent team has the experience and expertise to ensure that your shipments move through the Customs clearance process as quickly as possible. With our guidance, you can avoid the potential heavy penalties for incorrectly completing Australia Post Customs clearance procedures. Our team members are available to answer any queries or questions you may have to provide you with services which are second to none. With our expertise, you won’t need to worry about your shipment languishing in Customs, causing you stress, frustration, and problems. You can simply sit back and allow us to deal with all your Customs clearance issues.

Don’t Allow Customs Clearance Delays to Cost You Time or Money:

Import and export are an important aspect of modern business practices. If you want your company to benefit from the global marketplace, you will need to deal with the complex Customs procedures. Unfortunately, if you fail to complete and file the paperwork correctly, it will not only delay your shipment, but could result in expensive penalties. Even if you don’t incur any fines, delays in receiving your consignment could have a massive impact on your productivity and profits. However, APB takes the guess work out of Customs clearance. We will not only organise the declaration and fees for your consignment, but monitor your shipment, so you will not have to wait weeks for its arrival. Once the declaration is filed, we will send you an invoice. After this has been paid, your shipment will be released and on its way to you. We take pride in offering reliable and high quality Customs clearance services to meet all of your expectations and prevent Customs clearance delays from costing you time and money. So, if you want to save time and money on your import and export activities, only trust Australian Postal Brokers.

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